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Concrete renovation and construction is our main business, holding a "A" plus rating since day one. When you find contractors you can believe in, you stick with them, and they stick with you. With my team, we get it right, the very first time, because that is what is expected, we want to develop a long lasting relationship of mutual trust and respect.





We are based in Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario Canada, and independently owned. When you choose Project X, you deal directly with Heinz, a hard working professional who only has your best interests in mind. My reputation defines this business and that is why we have been around for over 18 years.




Project X was established 2001, now with 30 + years of construction experience: Dedication to professionalism, attention to detail, quality work and an absolute commitment to reliability & project completion has been our success. Our obsession with technical skills, education and industry standards with new and proper methodology has kept Project X on the cutting edge.





• February 8, 2019
Welcome to Project X Construction
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Based in Kitchener Ontario, Project X has developed over the last 30+ years, becoming skilled and experienced through a wide variety of projects; From home renovations, repairs and maintainance, and landscaping projects, to concrete repair and resurfacing, to most all custom concrete projects. This is why we are called Project X; we can undertake practically any project. Challenging new projects are welcome. For Project X no project is too big or small.




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