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Project X Construction was established in 2001 by Kitchener local, Heinz Wille. With 21 years in business and over 30 years of construction experience, Heinz does not shy away from challenges or limit himself to only one type of construction. This commitment to and interest in various construction projects is how the name Project X was born.


Through Project X, we have worked with some of the largest companies across Canada on commercial and industrial projects. We take on contracts of almost any scale, specializing in custom residential, commercial, industrial, corporate, and government projects. We truly have done it all over the years, from decorative concrete retaining walls to concrete steps to pads of all shapes, sizes, and colours.


We are fortunate to work with some of the best people in the business and have long-established professional relationships with other professionals who we trust 100%. We regularly work collaboratively with local engineering firms and licensed plumbers and electricians to ensure we always dot all our I’s and cross all our T’s. We also have a small, tight-knit team of highly qualified and experienced personnel who work together like a well-oiled machine.


Man holding a level, leaning on a stone wall

With our eye for detail and robust knowledge of industrial and commercial engineering principles, our team has established a long-standing reputation for stunning results, meticulous work ethic, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We take responsibility for every aspect of your project, which is why we can confidently say that we do things right the first time – every time.

In the warmer months, you’ll find us around town repairing and resurfacing concrete, designing, and installing fully customized concrete projects. We love to be busy and, as an independently owned local business, are thankful for the ongoing support of our community in the Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.


At Project X, we truly aren't happy until you are and feel strongly about going home at the end of the day knowing that we did a job we are proud of. We love what we do, and our greatest satisfaction comes from watching our clients fall in love with our results. 


Ultimately, we want to ensure you are confident in any contractor you choose, and if you are ready to make the right choice, we'd be thrilled to hear from you.


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About Compaction and Site Prep


The team at Project X knows that any great project starts with great fundamentals.


Preparing a site and setting it up correctly ensures that a project will run smoothly right from the start. For example, in any driveway or walkway project, you need to properly compact the soil underneath so that it doesn’t settle or shift over time. If the soil settles in one area, the concrete slab can become unstable leading to cracks and possibly even compromising the structural integrity.


Project X has the tools and the expertise needed to make sure your project starts off on the right track. For compaction, we employ an industrial diesel-powered plate compactor that can pound the soil down to a depth of 18 feet from the surface. This means that your project will be set on a base that won’t settle and won’t heave with seasonal weather. 


Men levelling out soil.

About Building Materials


High-quality building materials make all the difference. At Project X Construction, we use only the best materials sourced from trusted suppliers who have the products required to get the job done right. We never compromise on quality for any reason and know that material selection is critical to the durability and appearance of every project.

A before and after photo of damage concrete and repaired concrete

About Concrete Repair Mortars, Color Coatings, & Stains


Our quality concrete product selections result in better builds, longer-lasting results, and a variety of color coatings, stains, and sealants that complement your home or commercial space. The products we use are scientifically designed to exceed most other products available on the market. We only use repair mortars, color coating, and stains that address the specific needs of our clients, and we have the skills required to apply them flawlessly.

About Concrete


Concrete is the number one material used worldwide for buildings, roads, driveways, dams, and other infrastructure that requires consistent strength over time. 


While many people often think that concrete is simple, there is a fascinating world of intricacies, science, and engineering principles that go along with it. While we could chat concrete all day, the important thing for you to know is that concrete projects should always be left to the experts who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to get them done right.

A set of finished concrete gray stairs

About Reinforcement


Steel reinforcement is a critical component of every concrete project because it directly impacts the overall strength of the finished product.


We use rebar, wire mesh, or various types of fibers when installing concrete to control expansion and contraction and reduce the likelihood of unsightly cracks. We always build on a solid foundation and select the reinforcement materials most suitable for your unique project.


workers building a concrete frame and filling it with concrete

About Curing Compounds


Curing and sealing liquid agents form a film over the concrete to provide a premium-grade coating that decreases water retention, reflects UV rays, keeps the surface cooler, and reduces the impacts of harsh salt and chemicals. The curing compound application process is essential for producing hard, dense concrete resistant to cracks, surface crazing, and other defects. Projects built by Project X are designed to last and look good.

Concrete front steps that have been recently poured

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