Project X runs one small tight crew, run by Heinz, one job at a time. There are times when we must start another job due to weather conditions, customer delays or supplier issues. We are not a high production company, we do custom high end quality work and turn out near perfect work.

Project X takes on contracts of almost any scale, specializing in custom Projects at the consumer, commercial and Industrial level, and also taking on Corporate and Government contracts. Importantly, we take responsibility for every aspect of your project; We can help with your design, both aesthetically and structurally. We are there every step of the way until your project is completed. Working with a local engineering firms, licensed plumbers, and electricians, and only with qualified and experienced personell, you can be assured that things will be done right, every time the first time.

Project X Construction completes many types of projects including custom wood projects like custom decks. fences and tressels entire indoor renovations, outdoor railing systems and repair projects.

Project X  receives many requests for concrete and concrete repair work and found that most of our business is concrete. Our business also includes indoor and outdoor renovations and custom wood work, like decks, fences, tressels and pagolas. We perfer to tackle indoor projects when weather becomes unsuitable for concrete or outdoor construction projects.  As a benefit to the customer, we offer a discounted price during these times in order to secure work during these slow times.

We have 15 solid years of concrete experience, have worked with some of largest companies in Canada, and have worked with some of best people in the industry. All concrete jobs require some engineering, and our experience in commercial and industrial construction allows us to use well established engineering practices in forming and pouring concrete. This experience and attention to detail gives the customer an end result that outlasts most quality expectations.

We have completed many concrete projects that demonstrate a versatility and knowledge of building that sets us apart in the industry. Some of these projects include: decorative concrete retaining walls, walk outs, many designs of steps, pads of all shapes, sizes and color, decorative coatings to color and texturize existing concrete, general and major repairs to all existing concrete projects structural or deteriorating surfaces or otherwise, using only high tech industrial products that have been tested to last. All horizontal concrete projects get a high grade sealer application to resist pitting from freezing due to water penetration and protect against staining.